About Us

The Beginnings:

ForkNwears was first established as Suzi's Doodles in 2013, as way to share our creator's fine art photography cards.  In 2019, we also began sharing beautiful, unique silverware jewelry and became Doodles Designs Studios.  Soon it was time to expand and so ForkNwears was established!


The Creator:

The creative ingenuity behind the designs of ForkNWears is our founder Suzanne, aka Suzi, to family and friends.  As a military wife of 20 years, and a homeschooling mom of 4 children (whom she refers to as her Things), she has always had an artistic streak, but life was busy.  Once the family moved to Missouri after her husband's retirement, and the children grew older, Suzi finally found the time to focus on these creative passions.  With the support of many, ForkNwears has grown to what it is today.