The Story of ForkNwears Artistic Silverware Jewelry

The Story of ForkNwears Artistic Silverware Jewelry

How does someone become a creator of silverware jewelry?

I'm sure every silverware jeweler has their own story.  Mine actually starts behind a camera.

I had begun selling my photography in 2013.  As a member of the local art guide in Florida, I had my fine art photographs in numerous art shows and galleries.  I also had begun transforming my pictures into greeting cards.

I found a creative way to display these greeting cards- FORK EASELS!

When our family moved to Missouri a few years ago, I began looking for new local shops to sell my prints and cards in.  One shop owner was intrigued by the fork easels and asked if I could create a "spoon bracelet" for her.

Always up for a challenge, I began looking into silverware jewelry!

After much trial and error, I was able to create that 1st bracelet.  I have to admit, I knew immediately that this was an art that I loved.  Soon I was hunting down all the silverware I could find, and eventually the eldest's bedroom became my studio full time.

And that's how ForkNwears - Artistic Silverware Jewelry was established!

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