Mother's Day Gift Guide - Silverware Jewelry

ForkNwears Artistic Silverware Jewelry has some of the most UNIQUE Gifts for Mom.

 Here are the top 5!

Silverware Magnetic Bud Vases

These little beauties sell out every year.  And you can see why!  A perfect little treat that adds charm to any room it placed in.

Created from antique knife handles, the vases have 2 strong magnets on the back, and can hold water.  Perfect for those little buds from the garden!

AND for Mother's Day, ForkNwears is creating a perfect gift box by adding a a delicate little floral spoon!

Pea Pod Spoon Bowl Necklace

An absolutely perfect little gift for any mother.  A stunning pea pod showing how mama loved, and is loved by, her little "peas"!

An antique spoon is used to create each little pod, with little colored beads inside.

These are only offered by ForkNwears seasonally in a limited supply!  Each handcrafted pod is truly one of a kind.

Silverware Ladies

A new design from ForkNwears that is already selling out quickly!  Truly little pieces of silverware art.

These little darlings each have their own personality, just like Mom!  They make prefect statement necklaces.  Or they can be hung as unique ornaments that can be hung anywhere!  

Heads from little spoons, bodies created from antique silverware handles, and the arms and legs are antique fork tines.  A little babble or decoration helps show a one of a kind charm!   

Silverware Pens

These pens have been a new FAVORITE among my clients.  And the fact that they are refillable make them amazing gifts!

An antique KNIFE handle is upcycled to make these stunning pens.  Each handle has its own charm because of the pattern and the piece's own history.

A special black velvet bag is used to hold that perfect pen!

Crown (fork) Necklaces

A brand new design that I have been waiting to announce until this post! 

Every mom is a QUEEN!  Why not give her a personal gift that reminds her of this EVERY day?

Each crown is hand cut and curled, so no two are ever alike!  And each comes with a little card with an inspirational quote (you choose when you order).


The 5 designs listed above are each FANTASTIC gifts for Mother's Day.

But any silverware creation from ForkNwears makes a TRULY special gift.

The different styles of SILVERWARE NECKLACES I create, each is made for that ONE SPECIAL person.  Be sure to browse each style to find the perfect one!  

The SILVERWARE BRACELETS I make from antique spoon and fork handles, are just as unique as everything else from ForkNwears.  Between the unlimited variety of silverware patterns and beautiful selection of charms and decorations, I love designing each beautiful bracelet.

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