Finding Your Wrist Size - how to know what bracelet size to get

How do I find my wrist size or my bracelet size?

I get asked this quite often since my classic silverware bracelets are not adjustable. And the answer is actually EASY PEASY!

All you need is a piece of string and a ruler!

  1. Wrap the string snuggly, but NOT tightly, around your wrist. 
  2. Measure the length of sting that it took to fit around your wrist.

That is your wrist size.  I always ask that my customers round up to the nearest half inch.

For example, if your wrist is 6 3/8", please round up to 6.5" to be safe.  

Or if it's 7 1/2", please use 8".  That way there is some wiggle room!

Now to figure out the size bracelet you would need,

  • You simply add 1 inch!

So a 7 inch wrist would need an 8 inch bracelet, or for ForkNwears, a size 8!


It has been suggested to me that I simply offer small, medium, and large.  I considered it, but I prefer to actually have my SILVERWARE BRACELETS, sized to my customers' wrist sizes for comfort and security!